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A burning desire to explore how the truly sophisticated tastemakers of our time live and decorate was the catalyst for owner and interior designer Susan Gates' choice to pursue a career in interior design. After 15 years working in a corporate environment, Susan landed a position at the revered Samuels Interiors in Memphis, TN, knowing that there she could learn from seasoned professionals and turn her knack for decorating into a real profession. When her husband's work took them to Dallas, Texas, she used her own homes in Highland Park and the Swiss Avenue Historic District as a sort of laboratory to practice and fine tune her design chops, while traveling to other countries to source for and learn about art and antiques. Susan believes in the power of curiosity, imagination, bold choices and dogged determination, and The Velvet Pug Antiques and Interiors is the culmination of a life driven by those values.






























































































































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